Information and Knowledge Management Resources

There are limited resources available via DIT library for the IKM stream.

The following resources may help to kick-start your thinking and searching for sources. Please note – this is by no means definitive and these should not be the only sources you consider.


David Gurteen
Runs a Knowledge Community
Includes lots of links to conferences, books, blogs, whos who etc
Runs a linkedin group which you could join

Stan Garfield
Runs a similar site including a list of active KM conferences and conferences in related areas
Includes useful list of communities

Knowledge Base/Magazines

APQC Knowledge Base
Research organisation – business focus on KM

KMWorld, topical magazine, targeted at industry Also annual conference associated.



Look for proceedings of past conferences as well as topics in call for papers for this year

Calendar of Upcoming Scientific Conferences

European Conference on KM

European Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management

Henley Forum on Knowledge Management

International Conference on Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning (ICICKM)

International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management

International Conference on Knowledge Management

International Research Conference on Quality, Innovation and Knowledge Management

There are lots of regional conferences: e.g. KMUK, KMAustralia

KnowTech Conference
Conference on KM and Social Media

KMWorld Conference

ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management
(more a technical conference)

International Conference Technology, Knowledge and Society
Has a journal as well as a conference


** Not all these are available via DIT so if you find articles that are interesting you should search for them through other mechanisms.

Emerald Journal of Knowledge Management

Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management

Information and Knowledge Management

International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies

Journal of Information Sciences

Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

Global Ranking of Knowledge Management Journals


International journal of knowledge and research in management and e-commerce

Knowledge Management Research & Practice

Knowledge Management and e-learning

Journal of Information and Knowledge Management

Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management

Open Journal of Knowledge Management

IUP Journal of Knowledge Management



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